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Thank you all for the "happy birthdays"
I'm sorry I couldn't thank each one of you, I got soooo many messages 😂
But you guys don't have to say happy birthday to me, I don't celebrate birthdays, so today is just a normal day for me except for the fact I just got a little older ☺
1. Ever called your plushies (if any) just plushtrap?

2. What's your drawing preference?
I'm not sure 😅

3. (This is personal, you can answer) How old are you?
15 soon gonna be 16

4. Have you ever been hurt, emotionally, physically, etc?
Yes. Mentally, physically, emotionally and much more

5. Ever drank a little sip of coffee and lasted about 6 hours of running around?
Nope. I hate coffee

6. Sugar crash?

7. Is the cake a lie!?
I don't know you tell me 😜

8. If you have a great best friend, that's always been there for you, how have they shaped you into who you are today?
For the past few years I never really had a great best friend who was there for me..
I had friends but.. Yeah. 😒

9. Ever been called a name? (Monster, criminal, murderer, etc)
Yep. Psychopath 😂👌

10. Do you LOVE FNAF and yelled at a screen at someone when they did something wrong in the game?
I use to love fnaf. Not anymore but i have several times yelled at a screen when they did something wrong in the game

11. What's your favorite movie?
Hm.. Signs. Old classic alien movie 😜

12. Ever growled at someone and have them jump away?
I have growled at many people but they didn't really jump away just slowly backed away 👌

13. Jump on a trampoline then get off, expecting to bounce when it's solid ground?
Yep 😅😂

Lemme give people some random questions

2)single or taken? 😜
3)any sisters or brothers?
4)what do you use the most, instagram, pinterest, DeviantArt, YouTube?
5)favorite artist?
6)favorite art media?
7)biggest inspiration in your life?
8)favorite color?
9)favorite movie?
10)favorite book?
11)favorite food?
12)favorite video game?
13) any mental illnesses?

Idk people don't have to answer them. Just simple quick questions.
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A deviant pointed out my drawing and how i didnt erase the sketch.. well, i sketch in PEN. just to let you guys know 😂

New goal is 1,777watchers!!! We can do this!! Thank you all mah Nau's for watching!

Requests are CLOSED
Ask the OC's OPEN
Art Trades CLOSED

Uh well. I like to draw, I'm not that good. But still learning! (ง •̀_•́)ง
Also, all the art on this page is done by me! 😊 No cussing please as well. And as I said, I'm still learning, there's no need to comment on how bad my hands or other specific body parts are drawn. 😂😅 Thank you!!! ❤

also! Regarding requests-->
Requests will be open whenever, I might just pick a random day to do requests so Look here and see if Requests are open. :D Follow(watch) me to keep up to date! thanks!!

Also! If you'd like to draw one of my characters, please ask first! thank you! And definitely show me, I'd love to see my character in your guys style. 😊

Anyways, love you guys!


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bluewingfairy Featured By Owner 20 hours ago
good morning my friend, Happy Birthday!, I hope you have a great day <3.
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Happy Late Birthday. o u o / 
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Happy birthday I didn't really know what to get for you so just take this cake 
 Have your cake and eat it too 
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Happy Birthday!
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Happy Birthday! I am a dummy! 
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